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We specialize in the procurement of the international travel visas required to enter a foreign country and in the legalization/attestation of both personal and business documents.

We assist in preparing your application and check supporting documents to ensure they meet the requirements of the embassy.

We provide general information and administrative services related to temporary resident applications, including study and work permits, as well as travel documents required to various countries.

Pre-scrutiny and dispatch: through comprehensive scrutiny of each application, our staff will ensure every visa application is complete, signed and contains all the supporting documentation as per the embassy requirements, before being submitted to the embassy.

We are also offering the services of an authorized Immigration Consultant to provide information regarding permanent resident applications including Express Entry for skilled immigrants, online application support, Canadian citizenship and any specific information about the visa application forms, the supporting documents or any advice related to the visa application process to Canada

The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by immigration officers of the Embassy/Consulates of the respective countries.

Immigration documents you need to study in Canada

There are three main categories of people in Canada: citizens, permanent residents and temporary residents. International students, foreign workers and visitors are all temporary residents. Most students require the following:

1. Passport

If your passport will expire while you're in Canada, all of your immigration documents, your Health Insurance coverage and Social Insurance Number (SIN) will normally expire at the same time. In most cases, you can only apply to extend them after you obtain a new passport. Passport applications can take up to three months, so apply for a new passport as soon as possible to avoid interrupting your studies.

2. Study Permit

A valid study permit authorizes you to remain in Canada while you study. If you are an international student, you require a valid study permit to study in Canada. The only exception: if you are accepted in a program that is less than six months (e.g. one term exchange students) and you will complete the program by the end of your original stay in Canada, you do not need a study permit.

3. Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is used only for entry into Canada. Only citizens of certain countries require a TRV. It is recommended that you maintain a valid TRV for the duration of your studies, but it is not mandatory while you are inside Canada.