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Have you always dreamed of becoming part of an airline cabin crew team? Now is your opportunity! Elpaso offers world-class training programs that will help you to achieve your ambition. All our Cabin Crew programs meet international regulatory requirements, and include practical training which will give you a head start when applying for a job as a cabin attendant with an airline.

What is being a Cabin Crew Member all about?

The work of a flight attendant is very exciting and offers the opportunity to meet different people. From the moment, you welcome passengers onboard the aircraft, their safety and comfort are your concern. You will be demonstrating emergency procedures, serving meals and drinks, taking care of special needs passengers, and may be selling duty-free items. You will deal with both routine tasks, as well as exceptional and challenging situations. Flight attendants are important representatives of the airline and must present a good image always. A flight attendant should have a friendly, caring personality. If you are a person who loves working with people and travelling, then this is the job for you! If you have any other questions, please call us – we’re available to assist with any queries you have. Information sessions: Meet with our instructors-This face-to-face opportunity will answer any questions you may have.

This course is ideal for young professionals looking to get a head start in the profession, introducing the skills and responsibilities expected by the world’s leading airlines. Special emphasis is given to customer service and procedures for handling unusual situations during flight, with the final module of the course giving useful tips for completing the recruitment process.

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Our course will give you the skills to:

  • Apply to any airline across the world
  • Show recruiters that you are an ideal candidate for the job
  • Impress the interview panel with little-known but essential industry knowledge
  • Pass the difficult numerical and verbal reasoning tests
  • Handle role-plays, presentations and group discussions with ease
  • Confidently tackle challenging cabin crew scenarios
  • Understand what a REAL day in the life of cabin crew looks like
  • Present yourself in the same way as the very best cabin crew from the top airlines
  • Show your in-depth understanding of safety procedures
  • Deal effectively with both planned and unplanned emergencies
  • Stand-out from your competitors

  • By attending this course, you will:

    Gain a better understanding of the role of cabin crew

  • Find out exactly what the airlines are looking for when they recruit
  • Gain an insight into whether you really have what it takes to become cabin crew
  • Learn how to perform to a very high standard
  • Learn how to make sure your behaviour matches what the airlines are looking for
  • Gain an insight into the selection testing and interview process
  • Understand how to show the airlines that you are passionate about applying for the job
  • Build your confidence about the interview and other selection tests
  • Spend time in a behind-the-scenes airline environment
  • Stand out from other candidates applying for a cabin crew position
  • Learn how to write a high-quality application and deliver an outstanding interview
  • Dramatically increase your chances of recruitment success
  • Receive on-going support whilst applying for the role
  • Get ahead of the competition when applying for a job
  • Show the airlines your commitment, motivation and superior background knowledge
  • Find out more about the Cabin Crew Diploma - Below outlines exactly what you will receive. The Cabin Crew Diploma course aims to introduce you to the fundamental concepts and principles of working as Cabin Crew and the recruitment process. The course is open to persons from all backgrounds looking to become Cabin Crew. It will enable you to develop the necessary skills to be successful at the recruitment process as well as fully prepare you for when you are accepted by an airline and start your new Cabin Crew career.

    Your 24 Study Modules are:

    The history of the Cabin Crew position

  • Criteria to become Cabin Crew and why they are required
  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Using the 24-hour clock and the Phonetic Alphabet
  • Weather conditions that affect flying
  • Currency Conversion when working as Cabin Crew
  • Importance of teamwork and communication among Cabin Crew
  • Personal Presentation of Cabin Crew
  • Airlines New Entrant Course
  • An Overview of Normal Cabin Crew Duties
  • Aircraft communication systems & Passenger Announcements
  • The Galley and equipment used
  • Doors and emergency exits
  • Types of passengers
  • Cargo carried within the cabin area
  • Emergency procedures whilst working as Cabin Crew
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Ditching - Emergency landing on water
  • Aviation First Aid
  • Physiology of flight
  • Going the extra mile and top tips when working as Cabin Crew
  • Reasons to sign up to the Cabin Crew Diploma

    You will gain a certificate at the completion of the training programme to take with you to your interview

    Do you want to build up relevant experience the airlines find desirable?
  • The Cabin Crew Diploma has been designed with the right knowledge and tools that the airlines find desirable.
  • Do you find the Cabin Crew recruitment process difficult?
  • Included within the course is a comprehensive guide to the Cabin Crew recruitment process as well as full support from a dedicated adviser
  • Have your previous application forms been rejected by the airlines?
  • Your application forms will be checked before they are submitted to the airlines to ensure they contain the correct information.
  • Have you been rejected at a Cabin Crew interview?
  • Access to various airlines interview walkthroughs, fully preparing you on how the day will be structured, how to act and also the recruitment adviser will also be on hand to give you some last-minute advice.
  • You’ll be able to access on-going support with your airline applications from our friendly and knowledgeable team.